About Mitch Rankin

About Mitch Rankin 1

This is my life and as you go through it, discover parallel paths we can travel. I am a family man telling my wife often that I love her and spending as much time with my children as I can, not only at play but when they take their lessons. Both of my children are homeschooled. 

I’ve kept my brain in my head and my head firmly attached to the body, kept my body active and alive, as a top writer once exhorted me in his book. I’m a man of the sea, and my heart is free – not in a safe deposit box. I’ve truly outlived the “bastards” because of a burning conviction.

Our job today as educators is to build an education system that people, even in the poorest countries and neighbourhoods, can participate in – and reap riches from – one built on the information and technology economy.

If we don’t, hundreds of millions, in fact billions will be left behind, unable to join in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and will face chronic, deepening inequality and poverty. And this will affect us all.

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